History of Sri Lanka

  1. Being located as a spectacular land mass in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka also owns a proud history. The country had undergone to civilization over times and ended up with a bit of urbanization by now. As a certification for its excellence in all aspects it had also been called as Ceylon, Thaproban, Serendib, Thambapanni,… by different nations over time and finally came to call as Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka had been ruled by a number of kings in the past & had maintained their Kingdoms in accordance as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, Kurunegala, Gampola, Kotte & Kandy. These kingdoms had been margined & protected by the natural topography of the land. Mountain ranges, natural waterways, dense forests have marked the security of the kingdoms & those things are still remained adding a scenic beauty to the land. Each kingdom has left with its ruins of the monuments, palaces, religious constructions & other buildings. Fortresses like Sigiriya, stupas like Ruwanweliseya, statues like Samadhi Buddha statue, paintings like Kelaniya paintings, etc are only few of those amazing creations. With the decline of kingdoms by the invasion of Portuguese, Dutch & the British, most of those creations had also destroyed and some were covered by forests. But still there are sufficient evidences of a strong & creative history exists on this plot of land giving a humble pride to the countrymen. After the foreign invasions, the country received another sort of legacy; that is construction of modern roads & railways. Some of those railways have already been attracted by tourists all around the world because of the serenity of the environment beside. Kandy-Ella, Pettah-Galle, Nanu oya- Hatton are some of those that most of the guests coming to Sri Lanka look for.Not only the railways but also some remains of those foreign constructions like Galle fort, the Dutch museum still stay gorgeously with their charming beauty over decades up to now.