• Who are we

Boom Lanka Travels, a fast growing Inbound Tour Agent in Sri Lanka is also a friendly and client oriented company which entirely focuses on customer satisfaction and comfort.

Established as a Transport Provider in the year 2004, Boom Lanka Travels has now become a fully pledge Inbound Tour Operator. With more than 10 years of experience and studies in the industry, we have grown year by year and now serving as the first and only Inbound Tour Operator located in Cultural Triangle in Sri Lanka. We are capable of island wide Hotel Reservation, Transport Arrangements and handling Inbound Tour packages from all the markets in the world. Recently, we have expanded our business to Malaysia & Singapore, starting outbound packages from Sri Lanka.

Being inspired by “It’s Your Vacation”, we are in a genuine business which generates revenue by reaching beyond the customer expectation and providing a greater value for the money. We maintain high level of safety standards and our valued customers are safe in the hands of our chauffeurs who are well trained in First Aid. We are sure that with the presence of our friendly staff and comfortable vehicle fleet, your stay in Sri Lanka will be a very pleasant and unforgettable experience.

 We do promote:

1.          Energy & resources conservation

 We promote our guests to act in a way to conserve all modes of energy & natural resources as much as possible, & to get the best possible use of resources in minimal amount.

2.        Expenditure on local outputs

We promote our guests to purchase local productions in order to uplift their living & at the same time to allow our guests to experience the best of local exposure.

3.      Wildlife conservation

We take it a responsibility to conserve every single wild being by our clients always.

4.    Securing local culture

Guests are given all necessary advice to act in order to secure local culture, making no harm to the locals or their life styles & their heritage; instead help them to uplift the existing value.


We do not promote:       

1. animal hindering

 Animal hindering is thoroughly restricted by us & we are not doing so too. Also we do not promote any sites where we have noticed any animal is being hindered.

2. Wastage & misuse of resources

 All our clients are advised to not to waste any single recourse of the country & none of us waste or misuse them too either during the tours or inside the office.

3. Exploitation

Exploitation is restricted by us for both sides. Local sellers are not allowed to exploit the guests & guests are not allowed to do so to the locals.