Trekking & Hiking (Knuckels, Horton plains, Ella)

Whales watching – A sail to see the jumbos in the ocean is another awesome activity that a traveler can enjoy in Sri Lanka. Mirissa is the very best spot to see the whales where a number of whales watching cruises are done during a day.

Dolphin watching – The best location sea for dolphin watching in Sri Lanka is Kalpitiya. The most common there are the spinner dolphins. Apart from dolphin watching you can also enjoy the scene of many other marine lives as well as other adventure activities in Kalptiya.

River rafting – River rafting which is also called as white-water rafting is an entertaining adventure which would give you a life time memory with the falling waterways of Sri Lanka. It is done on the tides of Kelani river at a unique area called Kithulgala. There also the travelers can enjoy a package full of other adventure activities like trekking, cycling, waterfall abseiling, etc.

Hot Air ballooning – A flight over the green would give a life long memory for those who are young in hearts. It is done throughout the year at Kandalama, though there it is better to be enjoyed during the season for a perfect entertainment. Hot air ballooning festival is also an event in which the travelers are interested a lot.

Diving, surfing & deep-sea fishing – The adventures in the ocean are a set of outstanding activities in Sri Lanka. Being an island, it allows the travelers to enjoy numerous water sports & marine adventures at many places. Unlike other water sports you must have a valid license to enjoy scuba diving.



Sigiriya – Sigiriya referring Sinha giri is a rock fortress used by King Kashyapa is located closer to Dambulla. The natural fountains built during the ruling period of King Kasyapa are still amazing to see working properly upto now. The rock fortress, museum, natural fountains, frescoes, mirror wall, are the wonders to see in the site. The historians also say that it shows industries of two eras; King Ravana & King Kashyapa. It is also said that this was the ancient Alakamandawa which was the dwelling place of King Kubera (dates back to Ravana period) as per mentioned in Ramayana.

Anuradhapura – The first kingdom &b the first capital city of Sri Lanka was Anuradhapura. As the name refers it had been ruled by 90 kings in the past. The city is well named for atamasthanaya where it is nominated as a religious cite of eight important religious places including Jay on which lord Buddha has stepped. Other than that the district is full of temples like Aukana, Mihintale,  Thanthirimale, & tanks like Kalawewa, Padawiya located away from the cityside.

Polonnaruwa – The second kingdom of Sri Lanka is also well known for the ancient religious creations & reservoirs. After the ruling periods of a number of kings it is left with its majestic constructions & their ruins like Gal viharaya, the royal palace of king Parakramabahu, the sacred quadrangle, lankathilaka image house, stupas like Kiriwehara & shiva dewalaya. Parackrama samudrya, Minneriya tank are also among the important places to visit at Polonnaruwa.

Kandy – Kandy, the last kingdom of Sri Lanka is located in the central province of Sri Lanka. Being surrounded by the central hills of Sri Lanka, Kandy is self-protected over years from most of the threats. The very first thing that comes to one’s mind when the word Kandy is heard is The temple of the sacred tooth relic, which is a major place of worship by the Buddhists all around the world. Embekke, a temple located about 15 km far from the city is famed for the best classical wood carvings of the era. As the same, Lankathilaka viharaya which consists of the marvelous architectures during Gampola era & Gadaladeniya viharaya which is a large old monastery built on a rock also add an infinite value to the historical importance of Kandy.