Traditional Village safari – The active exposure to the Sri Lankan rural life style would definitely be a happening moment in your Sri Lanka tour than any other. A bullock cart ride, a boat ride across the lake, a visit to the village house & a meal there is the basic package of traditional village safari done at Habarana closer to Sigiriya. At the end of the tour you will be out with sound knowledge about rural home gardening, paddy cultivation, rural house hold equipment & their handling with your active participation if you love to enjoy. As the same, climbing up to the tree house in the paddy field and a moment of riding the boat yourself with the boatman with neckless or a hat wore during the boat ride will be completely different exiting experiences for you during your Sri Lanka stay.

Fishing – Fishing in the sense, stilt fishing is almost an out of use technique used in modern fishing field. But it has now become one of the most interested activity among foreigners visiting Sri Lanka. Stilt fishing is done by sitting on a crossbar fitted on a pole which enables one to sit a couple of meters above the water level. The fisherman catch fish with a stick tied with a thread & collect them in a bag tied in their waist or on the pole. Foreigners seeing and even to enjoying stilt fishing themselves is a common sight now in the areas like Mirissa, Unawatuna & Hikkaduwa. There are also fishermen villages in those areas where basically people whose main occupation is fishing are living.

Indigenous people’s villages – Indigenous people are also called as veddas in Sri Lanka. They are living in separate areas specially away from the urban city sides practicing their own life styles that are differ from the normal locals. They are used to hunt, collect honey bee and preserve them in their own traditional ways for their day today usage. They also have their own farming methods where they totally get rid of using modern chemicals or fertilizers. The veddas though they are less in population comparatively, have a high consideration from the locals & authorities the country. One evidence for this is the special bee honey donation for the sacred tooth relic practiced by veddas annually at Esala perahera. Now these veddas villages also have become tourists attracted spots of Sri Lanka just because of the interest to experience their life style with them.

Herbal spice gardens – Though there are a lot of spice gardens all around Sri Lanka, Matale is the very famed area for the best herbal spice gardens. The guests are treated with a head massage for free of charge at almost all the spice gardens before all. Then they are allowed to walk along the herbal plantations, get to know the plants with herbal value, & also to purchase them if interested.


Tea Plantations – There is no need to explain in words about the quality & the taste of Ceylon tea even to anyone abroad. Sri Lanka specially the wet-up county is famous for the plantation & production of goo quality tea all around the world. The gates are opened for the guests to visit the aromatic plantations & they are treated with a cup of tea of any variety they prefer at the factory premises. Large scale plantations can be seen in & around Nuwaraeliya area while there are number of small scale farms in Matale, Kandy & many of Southern areas too.

Cultural dancing show – The excellent performances of the Sri Lankan traditional dancers is over to entertainment of foreign visitors at Kandy in every splendid evening. The folk-lore dance to the beat of the skilled Sri Lankan drummers & the final performance of walking on fire is exactly a must part your itinerary to enjoy here.

Cycling tours – Bicycle tours or a bike ride is a perfect way for a foreigner to relate the local nature, people, & life style with ease. Still there are some hotels that offer bicycles for free of charge for their guests, or else you can hire one for a small cost for your entertainment.